Our Philosophy 


Our Mission 

Crystal Acoustics is an innovative learning organization, dedicated to the continuous development of Audio Video products, acclaimed for their affordable Hi-End quality, the best value amongst competitors in the same price category.


The portfolio consists of reference quality Wireless and Home Theater Loudspeakers and Accessories for Consumer Electronics.

The company was founded with the aim to create innovative, high quality and stylish loudspeakers, which offer outstanding value for money. The countless awards the company has won since its formation proves that it has more than achieved this aim. While its guiding principles of value, innovation, quality and style remain, Crystal Audio has now grown beyond audio to cover every aspect of Product Development for Consumer Electronics.

In order to enter new dynamically evolving markets, a state of the art System for New Product Development has been implemented, the proprietary Crystal Lean-PMI system. The mission is to “Shorten the Strategic Lead Time from Idea to Market”. This is achieved by integrating the Processes and Knowledge Areas of the best Industry Associations and Certifications, PDMA, AIPMM, PMI, Lean Six Sigma, TOC, AES, ALMA, CEA,ΤΗΧ.  


Our Vision

Company’s vision is to achieve international leadership in both B2B and B2C markets and take advantage of their synergies. This experience offers unique advantages to its customers and allows supporting them as:

  • Β2Β: Strategic supplier of OEM/ODM for large manufacturers and large international consumer electronics retailers, with pioneering design and superb value and quality vs. cost.

  • B2C: Innovative e-shops which offer the buyer excellent products, directly from the manufacturer, awarded from the most acclaimed magazines and review websites. These products, e.g. THX certified loudspeakers, which focus on Hi-End users, are not usually found in large electronics chain stores, but instead, they are mainly available through costly networks of intermediate retailers and resellers.

Crystal Audio is the registered European trademark of many Crystal Acoustics product ranges sold in Europe and other countries outside of USA. Crystal Acoustics and Crystal Audio products have been designed and engineered by Crystal Acoustics LLC. MD- USA , Crystal Audiovideo Ltd. London- UK and Crystal Audio S.A., GR and manufactured to the highest Crystal Acoustics quality standards in Asia and Europe depending on the product category.



Our Crystal Clear Values 

CLEAR: Creativity - Learning - Excellence - Advancement - Reliability

Creativity: We think laterally “out of the box” to find the best innovative solution and we act vertically getting deeper to optimize all the details.
Learning: We encourage our people to continuously enrich their knowledge base and experience, so that each individual - and the company - can grow in parallel. 
Excellence: We strive to offer the best; we settle for nothing less.
Advancement: We are proactive to advance our organization’s purpose, to increase our opportunities and contribution.
Reliability: We promise to our clients, to be available when they need us. We show to them, that we are accountable and trustworthy. 


From day one...

Crystal Acoustics' one aim has been to create innovative, high quality and stylish loudspeakers, which offer outstanding value for money. The countless awards the company has won since its formation proves that it has more than achieved this aim.


While its guiding principles of value, innovation, quality and style remain, Crystal Acoustics has now grown to cover every aspect of home entertainment, ensuring you get the very best performance from your entire system. Whether it is speakers, media players, DVB-T set top boxes or accessories, Crystal Acoustics can help you enjoy music and movies at their very best.


Why you should choose Crystal Acoustics

Crystal Acoustics products have won awards from magazines across the globe. When you buy from us you know you are buying a class-leading, high quality design, backed by a ten year warranty


Buying direct from Crystal Acoustics means you are getting more for your money, as you’re not paying for a middleman with product coming direct from the factory Crystal Acoustics offers a 60-day home trial, so you can try out our speakers in the comfort of your own living room. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the speakers to us, and we’ll return your money to you.


It all began with passion!

The company’s founder, Vassilis Tsakiris, is a respected electrical engineer with nearly three decades experience of acoustics, loudspeaker design and manufacture. Following his vision and lifelong passion for superior sound, he formed Crystal Acoustics to design and manufacture affordable high-end loudspeakers. The company’s guiding light is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. Everything we do starts and ends with this principle in mind. Our success encourages us to try even harder and continue to offer our customers critically acclaimed, innovative, affordable high-end loudspeakers.  


Research & Development - The guiding light

Through intense research and development, extraordinary technical know-how, and exemplary quality control Crystal Acoustics offers the very best possible products. We design no-compromise products for the discerning audiophile who looks for an affordable speaker. This is achieved by working in close partnership with several European universities and technology institutes, such as the Laboratory of Electracoustics at Patras University in Greece. The results of these development programs are regularly presented as white papers at the international conventions.


For us the sale of our products is the beginning of a long-term relationship based on the satisfaction our products offer you and the assurance that you possess an excellent product.In your relationship with Crystal Acoustics we create perfection.


All you have to do is enjoy it!