Bluetooth Receiver with optical out and NFC
Connect wirelessly your Bluetooth devices to your speakers or your amplifier
  • NFC

  • aptX quality audio

  • Optical digital output

  • Bluetooth Receiver v.3

  • Wolfson DAC

  • Auto Reconnect

  • Ultra Small

69,00 €
Pair your tablet or your mobile phone by simply approaching it to the Bluetooth adapter
Enjoy top-quality sound

Equipped with state of the art wireless audio transmission, it ensures uncompressed audio transmission between aptX technology devices, as well as higher quality sound from any conventional technology Bluetooth device.

Enjoy quality sound to the max, thanks to the optical digital output
Enjoy amazing sound, even in analog connection, thanks to the prestigious Wolfson DACs
Wirelessly connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer

Thanks to the widely adopted Bluetooth technology, you can connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

What Hi-Fi? - 11/4/2014 - BluDAC Triumphs with 5-stars in "What Hi-Fi?" May 2014
What Hi-Fi? - 11/4/2014 - from the extremely popular and well known magazine What Hi-Fi?, April 2014 UK - 19/3/2014 - from the extremely popular website of the well known magazine, March 2014
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2.1What happens if connecting my Surrounds would create a cable clutter?
Check out our Wireless Amplifiers!
2.2What are the advantages of using Wireless Amplifiers for my Surrounds?
You can install the speakers without any cables crossing your room.
2.3Are the Crystal Audio Wireless Amplifiers prone to interference from other wireless devices?
No, thanks to the advanced filtering circuit.
2.4Can I use the Crystal Audio Wireless Amplifiers to power up other speakers apart from the Surrounds?
Of course you can.
2.5What type of signal transmission is used by the Crystal Audio Wireless Amplifiers?
DSSS (Direct-sequence spread spectrum) Wireless Digital Transmission.
1.1Are the wireless amplifiers TR-100 & TR-60 compatible with 220VAC & 110VAC power outlets?
Only 220V models are currently available.