Portable Bluetooth speaker
Enjoy superior sound and portability, plus speakerphone function
  • Bluetooth Receiver

  • Microphone for Handsfree operation

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Rubber painting

  • Passive radiator

  • AVRCP commands

  • Ultra Light

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29,99 €
49,99 €
Wirelessly connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer

Thanks to the widely adopted Bluetooth technology, you can connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Make and receive phone calls, with your hands free

An invisible microphone is embedded on the speaker.

Wirelessly control the Play, Pause, Next and Previous commands of your connected Bluetooth device

Control your Bluetooth device's playback, from the speaker.

Connect any external audio source

The provided 3.5mm input, is compatible with the majority of portable gadgets.

Take the speaker with you, anywhere
Enjoy deeper, fuller bass
Enjoy many hours of fun
A soft to touch surface, with anti-slip properties
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