Portable Bluetooth speaker
Enjoy superior sound and portability, plus speakerphone function
  • Bluetooth Receiver

  • Microphone for Handsfree operation

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Rubber painting

  • Passive radiator

  • AVRCP commands

  • Ultra Light

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29,99 €
49,99 €
Wirelessly connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer

Thanks to the widely adopted Bluetooth technology, you can connect any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Make and receive phone calls, with your hands free

An invisible microphone is embedded on the speaker.

Wirelessly control the Play, Pause, Next and Previous commands of your connected Bluetooth device

Control your Bluetooth device's playback, from the speaker.

Connect any external audio source

The provided 3.5mm input, is compatible with the majority of portable gadgets.

Take the speaker with you, anywhere
Enjoy deeper, fuller bass
Enjoy many hours of fun
A soft to touch surface, with anti-slip properties
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1.1What is the purpose of each speaker in a home cinema system?
The purpose varies according to the speaker placement and characteristics.
1.2How many types of speakers are there based on their placement type?
There are 3 types of speakers based on their placement type: Floorstanding, Bookshelf, Wall Mounted
1.3Should I listen to my speakers with or without grille?
Normally speakers are designed so that their performance is best with their grilles in place.
1.4How can my Home Theater elevate my gaming experience?
Modern games have embraced surround sound, offering immersive, dynamic soundscapes.
1.5How can I get the best out of an iPod/MP3 player using my hi-fi/home cinema speakers?
Given the high quality of modern compression algorithms you can directly connect them to your system
1.6What is a speaker's task and what determines its performance?
It is to reproduce realistically every sound from a sound source,
1.7From hi-fi to 5.1 and 7.1 configurations. What to choose?
Ιf you can afford it go for a 7.1 system and get the full experience of modern recordings and movies
1.8What are the Dipolar and Bipolar speakers? When are they used?
Dipolar and Bipolar speakers are used as surround speakers in a Home Theater system.
2.1What is the nominal input power?
The continuous power (RMS Watts) that a speaker can handle, without being damaged.
2.2Is the nominal input power of a speaker a measure of quality audio reproduction?
No, input power does not relate to performance in any way
2.3What is the so called “break-in” period and what should I consider?
It is a continuous playback period, after which, the speakers gain full performance capability.
2.4What do all these speakers specifications mean?
Specifications can be confusing and some are more important than others.
2.5Why do different speakers have different impedance (ohm) ratings?
Different speakers have different components which create variations in their total summed impedance
2.6What does the sensitivity rating actually mean?
It means how loud a speaker can play, when fed with a signal of given power.
2.7How do you calculate the Sound Pressure Level in your Room?
There are three rules you must follow. Learn more in the full answer of this question,
2.8What do speaker measurements reveal and how are useful?
Read below to have a better understanding of speaker measurements.
3.1What are the different types of speaker design?
There are two types, involving closed and open design principles.
3.2How do speakers work?
By converting electric signals into sound.
3.3What are the ideal properties of materials used to build speaker diaphragms?
Rigid, yet low-mass materials are ideal for optimal control and sonic accuracy.
3.4What is the role of the speaker cabinet?
The cabinet amplifies the speaker’s output and optimizes specific frequency zones.